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The government usually decide their policies based on official statistics that don’t give a breakdown for young women or other intersectional differences. This approach means that that millions of young women are not being seen or heard by policymakers.

In these videos, our Research Centre Associates share data from their research for the Picking up the Pieces report. They highlight the economic inequality that different young women face and their experiences of the issues.

The videos were scripted by the young women. They filmed themselves at home during the coronavirus lockdown.

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Freya, Mattea, Iulia, Kira, Kirsty, Louise and Ashleeka introduce the Research Centre and their research for the Picking up the Pieces report.

Young Women’s Missing Data and Voices – video transcript

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Young Women’s Missing Data and Voices highlights the gaps in official data on young women and finds out what they have to say on these topics.

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Peer research is research that is led and carried out by people with lived experience of the topic being studied.

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There is limited official data available on young women. What we do have shows the economic inequality that young women face in the UK.