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There are 1 million young women in England and Wales struggling to live on low or no pay. We want them to thrive and have a fairer working future which is why we are working hard to address the income gap.

Play videoA cartoon-style illustration of a young woman scratching her head next to a stack of coins. A man next to her is leaning against a large stack of money.

The income gap explained

Young women face inequality from the start of their working lives, earning around a fifth less than young men. So why does this happen?

The Income Gap video transcript

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Sabrina looks at the camera, smiling happily.

Sabrina's story

Sabrina lost her job in August 2021 and was diagnosed with a long-term medical condition in the same month.  

She opens up about trying to save money on food and feeling sick when she saw her energy bill.

I felt sick when I saw my energy bill
A group of young women laughing together.

Guide to working inclusively with young women

We have developed a toolkit with young women called Working inclusively with young women.

It highlights the benefits of involving young women in decision making, what to consider when seeking their views and the most effective ways to encourage their meaningful participation.

Download the guide [pdf]