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Young Women’s Trust is a feminist organisation working to achieve economic justice for young women.

There are 1 million young women in England and Wales struggling to live on low or no pay. We want them to thrive and have a fairer working future.

Cost of living crisis

Young women have been hit especially hard by the rising cost of living and are more likely than young men to be struggling to make ends meet.

This is because young women were already earning less to start with. On average, young women take home around 22% less than young men. This is because young women are more likely to be doing unpaid caring work, like caring for children or younger siblings. So they are more likely to be in part time jobs, not able to get enough hours or to progress or not working at all.

Read our research on how the rising cost of living impacts young women

Sabrina looks at the camera, smiling

Sabrina's story

Sabrina lost her job in August 2021 and was diagnosed with a long-term medical condition in the same month.  

She opens up about trying to save money on food and feeling sick when she saw her energy bill.

I felt sick when I saw my energy bill

No young woman left behind

In 2020, we launched our campaign to make the £20 uplift to Universal Credit permanent.

Over 1400 people supported us by signing petitions, writing to their MP and to the Chancellor telling them how much £20 a week could mean to a young woman.

The government have made the decision to take that lifeline away.

This decision could have a devastating effect of 1000s of young women as day to day living costs rise.

We’re calling on the government to

  • Bring back the £20 uplift to Universal Credit
  • Uplift other benefits, including Carer’s Allowance

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We’re campaigning with young women on these 4 goals

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Building equal workplaces

Young women face discrimination at work every day. A third of young women have faced discrimination when looking for work or while working.

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Smashing career stereotypes

We want to break down barriers to opportunities for young women, so they can smash career stereotypes and be anything they want to be.

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Guide to working inclusively with young women

We have developed a toolkit with young women called Working inclusively with young women.

It highlights the benefits of involving young women in decision making, what to consider when seeking their views and the most effective ways to encourage their meaningful participation.

Download the guide [pdf]