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Young Women’s Trust is a feminist organisation working to achieve economic justice for young women.

There are 1 million young women in England and Wales struggling to live on low or no pay. We want them to thrive and have a fairer working future.

No young woman left behind

No young woman should be at the back of the queue as the country tries to cope with the coronavirus crisis.

Our report, Picking up the pieces shows how millions of young women across the country have struggled and felt ignored throughout this crisis and the toll it has taken on their careers, finances, home life and mental health.

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We’re campaigning with young women on these 4 goals

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Building equal workplaces

Young women face discrimination at work every day. A third of young women have faced discrimination when looking for work or while working.

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Smashing career stereotypes

We want to break down barriers to opportunities for young women, so they can smash career stereotypes and be anything they want to be.

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Guide to working inclusively with young women

We have developed a toolkit with young women called Working inclusively with young women.

It highlights the benefits of involving young women in decision making, what consider when seeking their views and the most effective ways to encourage their meaningful participation.


Download the guide [pdf]