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There are 1 million young women in England and Wales struggling to live on low or no pay. Join us as we campaign for a fairer working future for young women.

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Politicians listen when we show up. If we don’t vote, our communities stay ignored.

The deadline to register for the UK general election is 11.59pm on Tuesday, 18 June.

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Elections are a perfect time to share what’s on your mind. Join our campaign chat with other young women to discuss the issues that matter to you and learn more about our work. Let’s come together, share our stories, and make a difference.

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Manifesto for an Equal World of Work

There are 9.5 million of us young women. And a million of us are on low or no pay. We need to be heard.

We asked Young Women what they need. Their manifesto demonstrates what they need for equal opportunities, success, and progress. Employers, policymakers, managers, and colleagues must use their power to make a change. Will you listen and help create an equal world of work? 

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Why are young women worse affected?

Young women are being hit so hard by the current crisis because they earn £4,000 less than young men right from the start of their working life. There are many reasons for this, but one key element is the discrimination and exploitation facing young women, especially those on the lowest levels of pay. 

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Young women’s rights at work 

Young women are being systematically denied their rights at work. Whether that is through being paid less than they are entitled to; not receiving the proper protection from discrimination, harassment and abuse; or not being paid for time off sick it has a huge impact on young women’s mental health. 

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Many young women also tell us that they are not aware of their rights at work and they are unsure what to do when they are facing discrimination in their workplaces. If you are a young woman and you are unsure about your rights, you are not alone. 

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Play videoIre Adebayo Costing Our Futures

Listen to these young women

Young women recount their day-to-day struggles with the cost of living crisis and the sacrifices they are making to get by. As their circumstances are only getting worse, they explain what they want the Prime Minister to do to address their challenges. 

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