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Work It Out coaching is a free service available for women aged 18 to 30.

Our coaches can help with anything from interview preparation to identifying your skills and planning your next steps in life. 

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How does coaching work?

Through Work It Out you can book up to 6 free sessions with your coach. Your coaching sessions will be over the phone, but can be arranged to be delivered over email or WhatsApp if that’s better for you. 

Coaches are flexible, so you can speak to them in the day, evening or at the weekend too. 

Your coach can help with  

  • Figuring out your next steps 
  • Working out what your skills and strengths are  
  • Staying motivated 
  • How to be your best in job interviews  
  • Building confidence and strong mental health  
  • Dealing with anxiety  
  • Making a plan for the future  
  • Talking through relationships with family, friends and partners  

Calls between you and your coach are confidential.

Our service welcomes all young womenincluding trans women. If you identify as non-binary and are comfortable being supported by a women’s service, we are happy to help you.

How to prepare for your coaching session

Your coach will ask you some questions and invite you to think about the changes you would like to see. They will also ask what your best hopes are for the coaching. This could be to feel more confident, to have a plan for the future or to be more motived at work and more! If possible, find somewhere quiet where you feel comfortable talking and bring a pen and paper if you would like! Lots of young women tell us they find it helpful to have notes from their sessions to look back at.

You can read more about how the coaching works on this blog written by two of our coaches.

Work It Out coaches

We have 26 coaches working with us at Young Women’s Trust. They are all qualified professionals who are friendly, flexible and ready to support you. 

Our Work It Out coaches will not be able to find you a job. But they will help you to think about what you are good at, the kind of jobs you might enjoy, and the small steps you could take to get closer to the future you want. 

The image shows Carole a Young Women's Trust Coach facing the camera and smiling

Meet Carole, a Young Women's Trust coach

Many young women tell us that having coaching with us feels like talking to a friend or family member. That always makes me smile because we want you to feel comfortable, at ease and for the coaching to feel like a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

Young women use the sessions to unlock their potential, discuss things such as figuring out what they want to do, or to work out a plan to get where they want to be. The conversations are tailored to what you want to talk about. Coaching is a really effective way of achieving all of those things and much more.

Getting started  

To start your coaching journey, all you have to do is sign up using our quick online form. Make sure to choose the coaching option on the form, then our team will respond and connect you with a coach.  

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