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Our research highlights the real experiences of young women and the economic injustice they face. They are at the centre of our research, trained as peer researchers and telling young women's stories.

About the Research Centre

The Research Centre for Young Women’s Economic Justice trains young women, who lead peer research into economic injustice. They explore the multiple barriers they face in their own lives and the lives of other young women whose voices are not heard by decision makers.

Our approach combines peer research with statistics and data. We will build a unique evidence base on young women’s lives to call for the change that young women need to achieve economic justice.

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The camera is on the floor looking up. Above a young woman is standing with her foot poised in the air about to stamp on the camera.

Latest report

One Size Fits No One Young looks at young women’s experiences of navigating an inadequate employment opportunities and benefits system.

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Research Centre aims

  • Challenge misinformation on the lives of young women, particularly those on low or no pay, or those furthest from power
  • Create research that influences policy, service development, and drives real change in society
  • Ensure that government and academic data on young women’s economic justice is properly analysed and understood
  • Present our research in exciting and accessible ways so it can be accessed by young women
  • Provide a platform for young women to highlight the data and issues which are important to them
6 young women Research Associates

The voices behind the statistics

Meet our Research Centre Associates. In a series of videos, they talk about the economic injustice young women face.

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Collaborate with us

Our steering group advises on the development of the Research Centre. It includes 8 young women Research Centre Associates. It also has representation from The Women’s Budget Group, The Equality Trust, Agenda: the Alliance for Women & Girls at Risk, The University of Manchester and independent researchers.

If you are a researcher, or work for an organisation that would be interested in collaborating with our us, please contact

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Our research

Explore our library of research on the barriers that young women face.

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Explore the data

There is limited official data available on young women. What we do have shows the economic inequality that young women face in the UK.