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Peer research

Don't Keep Us Down

Discrimination is clearly a force shaping young women’s experiences of the workplace, and contributing to a persistent income gap of around a fifth between young women and young men. But to what extent is it impacting their futures?

Peer research

Young Women’s Missing Data and Voices

To understand the extent of the missing data we audited the publicly available official data about young women. This report presents our findings and draws on the voices of our Research Associates collected by focus groups, to explore the harmful impact this has for them.

Partner research

Young Women and Economic Abuse

Our report, Picking up the Pieces found that around 1 in 10 young women reported experiencing forms of economic abuse. This briefing explores the data on economic abuse in more detail and links to support and resources from Surviving Economic Abuse (SEA). 

Peer research

Picking up the pieces

This year we needed to know the impact of the coronavirus pandemic to understand what life is really like for young women in 2020. This research gives a unique insight into the economic, mental, and emotional impact of the coronavirus crisis.

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On the edge

Young women living in London face a triple threat of disadvantage, they are more likely to have lost their job, be shouldering unpaid work and experiencing mental ill health.