Just Getting By: Young Women’s Trust Annual Survey 2022

Our 2022 annual survey reports on the financial and employment experiences of young women and the impact these have on their lives.  

We heard from 4075 young women, young trans women and young non-binary people, plus 1040 young men about their

  • finances
  • experience of work
  • feelings about the current government
  • aspirations for the future.

We also spoke to 911 HR or recruitment decision makers about how young women are seen in the workplace.

The results reveal the difficulties young women are facing, as they come out of the pandemic and into a cost of living crisis. Decision makers in the workplace want to tackle gender equality, but they know there is more to be done.

Read the full report [PDF download]

Headlines from the report

Young women are more likely than young men to be struggling with the cost of living. There is evidence of a widening financial divide between young women and young men.

52% of young women told us they were ‘filled with dread’ when they think about their household finances.

Young women are still feeling the impact of the pandemic on their finances and their mental health.

Young women are facing multiple barriers to employment and progression at work.  They are still likely to be paid less than their male peers.

24% of young women said they’d been paid less than male colleagues to do the same or similar work.

Young women are still facing discrimination on the basis of their age, gender, appearance and caring responsibilities.

2 in 5 young women have experienced discrimination in work, or when looking for work.

Young women, especially those with children, need more flexible working opportunities. Employers understand this, but more needs to be done to implement it fairly.

Looking forward

Young women are still showing impressive reserves of optimism and aspiration.
62% still feel that they can reach their career goals, despite the challenges and inequalities young women have faced in the last year.

My hopes for and dreams for my future career are to own and run an accessible, inclusive bookshop.


I hope I can work without discrimination of any kind and be treated as an equal.


Read the full report [PDF download]

There are 1 million young women in England and Wales struggling to live on low or no pay. We are working hard to address the income gap.

What is the income gap?