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Our private Facebook group is open to all young women aged 18 to 30 living in England and Wales who have experience of living on low or no pay. Join us to share experiences, ask questions, or vent your emotions.

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What happens in The Lounge

In The Lounge you can meet other young women who have similar experiences to you. You can also:

  • Take part in discussions and surveys
  • Enter competitions
  • Find out about opportunities like events, training or volunteering
  • Share useful links and tips with the group

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Being a member of The Lounge

“The Facebook group is a great resource for young women like you and me. It’s the place where I have received advice from many of my peers and have also had access to lots of resources.

Being in the Facebook group means you will have access to a supportive community of like-minded young women.”


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Free YWTea webinars

Jump online and join us at one of our monthly YWTea webinars.

They are free and open to all young woman aged 18 to 30, living in England and Wales.

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Whether you are a young woman, or you would like to support young women and our work – campaign with us, make a donation or get involved.

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Campaign with us

Campaign with Young Women's Trust and together we can build a fairer working future for young women.

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There are lots of ways you can fundraise for us. And we'll be there to support you every step of the way.