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We offer free personalised feedback CVs, cover letters or job applications for women aged 18 to 30

We have a team of expert recruitment professionals who will look at your CV, cover letter or job application and can give you free advice on  

  • How to improve your CV – from layout to content  
  • What to include in a cover letter  
  • How to be your best self in a job application
  • What employers are looking for in an application   

Once you’ve sent us your CV, cover letter or application you’ll receive 2 to 4 pages of simple and personalised suggestions via email.   

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How does feedback work? 

Through the Work It Out feedback service, you can send us your CV, job application or a cover letter and get detailed feedback via email.  All you have to do is  

  • Sign up using a quick online form  
  • Upload a CV, cover letter or job application that you would like help with  
  • Get detailed, personalised feedback via email 

Your feedback is written by recruitment professionals. When you sign up, we can tell you how long it will take to get your feedback, it’s normally 2 to 4 weeks. If you have an urgent deadline let us know and we’ll do our best to help quickly.   

Get free CV and application feedback now

The feedback was really helpful and professional. It was detailed and I could see a lot of work from the person that did it. It was the best feedback that I have had, with examples and clarification.


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Need some help getting started on your CV

If you do not have a CV do not worry.

Follow the advice from Catherine a Work It Out volunteer on how to write and structure a CV, before you send it to our feedback service.


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If you have more questions about the Work It Out service you can talk to a member of our team.  

WhatsApp or text 07500 553 880
Phone 0808 808 8099 

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Work It Out coaching is a telephone coaching service to support you to think about the future you want.

Additional support

Here are some organisations that can offer you additional advice and support.