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Childcare: what young women want

An hour’s childcare is, for many, more than an hour’s wages. The system is unaffordable, confusing and inflexible, leaving many mums struggling financially and unable to work.


Young women's mental health in crisis

This report, published on World Mental Health Day 2019, shows a sharp increase in the number of young women worried about their mental health, with more than half saying that sexism is a major problem and work and money worries are making them ill.


The real cost of apprenticeships

This report looks at apprenticeships and finds some room for optimism, but also significant remaining challenges that hold back too many apprentices, especially young women.

Partner research

Young, female and forgotten?

This report from our economic inactivity research project uncovers the reasons why so many young women are economically inactive and recommends new ways to support young women into work.