Costing Our Futures video transcript

Costing Our Futures video transcript

Amy [0:00]
I’m Amy. I live in southwest Wales and I’m a mental health advisor.

Tara [0:05]
I’m Tara, I live in Carlisle, and I have a six year old daughter, and currently a student. I work evenings and weekends in a restaurant.

Ire [0:14]
My name is Ire Adebayo. I work as a social care worker and I get paid by the hour.

Amy [0:21]
As a result of the cost of living crisis, I have now had to drastically reevaluate my career options and my living situation.

Ire [0:29]
No matter how hard I try the system, the economy’s making it harder and harder to survive.

Amy [0:36]
I have always wanted to move from the rural community into a city centre. And that’s not possible at the moment due to living costs.

Tara [0:45]
I had planned to finish off my degree as soon as possible so that I could start working towards a career. The impact of the cost of living crisis is just meaning that I might have to defer for a year just to concentrate on working, if not longer.

Ire [0:59]
My advice to the Prime Minister is to hold a private consultation with young women.

Amy [1:04]
Allow us to be a part of the decision making process.

Tara [1:07]
I think they need to talk to us more, work with us more and gain some understanding of our lives. The things going on that they could help with.