Regional inequalities video transcript

00:07: Kirsty 

Data about young women is missing on regional inequalities and so are our voices 

00:13 Louise  

All young women across the country should have equal access to economic justice. 

00:18 Mattea 

Young women face a diverse range of risks and problems from economic injustice, finding work staying in employment, health issues or childcare. 

00:27 Louise 

In some parts of the UK there are less work opportunities for young women, and less access to support services 

Our research found that some young women, especially those outside of London or in rural areas, feel even more ignored by the government and felt like they couldn’t access the support that they needed 

00:45 Kirsty 

We need data on the impact of Covid19 on young women across regions urgently to acknowledge regional inequalities. 

00:54 Louise 

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