Young Women’s Missing Data and Voices video transcript

00:07 Freya  

Through our Research Centre we lead peer research into the economic injustice facing our lives, and the lives of other young women whose voices are often not heard by decision makers. 

Peer research involves us receiving research training and then speaking to other young women like us about what is really happening in their lives.  

The Government usually decide their policies based on official statistics that don’t give a breakdown for young women or other intersectional differences. 

By combining peer research with statistics on young women, our Research Centre will build a unique evidence base – using reports, videos and data – to lobby for the change that young women really need to achieve economic justice.  

00:47 Mattea  

Peer researchers like myself at young women’s trust, have been looking into the unique struggles that young women are facing right now particularly during the pandemic.  

0:55 Iulia  

In May I was put on furlough for the next six months and afterwards I was made redundant. 

We have found that an estimated 1.5 million young women have lost income since the start of the pandemic.  

01:09 Kira  

I’ve struggled to be able to keep up with the cost of childcare. And unfortunately I had to reduce my hours at work.  

We found that 46% of young women with children are struggling to make their money last till the end of the month. 

01:21 Kirsty   

As a young woman and a researcher I am concerned about the mental health impact of coronavirus.  

01:27 Freya  

Our research shows over half of young women are worried about their mental health. I worry about mine constantly. 

01:34 Louise  

All young women across the country should have equal access to economic justice. 

01:39 Ashleeka  

Listen to the issues, explore our research centre and get involved. 


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