Intersectional discrimination video transcript

00:07 Ashleeka 

Data about young women is missing on intersectional discrimination. And so are our voices. 

Areas such as gender, ethnicity and disability are widely neglected in research, especially during the Coronavirus.  

00:21 Mattea 

 41% of young women with a disability or long-term health condition said they’d been discriminated against when looking for or in employment.  

00:30 Kirsty 

Young women who are experiencing intersectional discrimination are having to balance between priorities and their safety. Such as feeling safe from racial abuse when attending a hospital appointment.  

00:42 Ashleeka 

41% of young black women have been discriminated against when in or looking for work, as did 28% of Asian women and 22% of mixed ethnicity women.  

00:54 Ashleeka 

This was a struggle for me before the coronavirus pandemic and I felt undervalued, underpaid and ignored. Luckily I am now emotionally and financially stable, however there are many young women out there who are not. 

01:08 Mattea 

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