Unpaid care video transcript

00:07 Louise 

Data about young women’s unpaid care responsibilities is missing. And so are our voices 

00:12 Kira  

Government data hasn’t captured this but we found that 17% of young women with children have had to reduce their hours at work to manage childcare. 

This is something that I have experienced in the past when working a job in retail being paid minimum wage. I’ve struggled to be able to keep up with the cost of childcare. And unfortunately I had to reduce my hours at work. 

00:35 Louise  

We know that young women take on disproportionate levels of unpaid care including adult and childcare 

This has increased because of the pandemic and has included caring for relatives who have Covid-19. 

00:47 Kira 

Young women are not only experiencing this, but we found that 46% of young women with children are struggling to make their money last till the end of the month.  

00:56 Kirsty  

Young women are doing more unpaid work. Caring for people with high needs without support and balancing it with work creates an extremely highly stressed environment. 

01:06 Kira  

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