Unsafe and low paid work video transcript

00:07 Iulia 

Data about young women is missing on unsafe and low paid work. And so are our voices 

00:13 Mattea 

In our survey 16% of young women have been unable to apply for job, turned down a job or had to leave a job, because the journey to and from work was not safe for them. This was even more common for young women with a disability or longterm health condition at 24%. 

00:30 Ashleeka  

Our Research also showed that for a third of young women it was a struggle to make cash last until the end of the month 

00:37 Iulia 

The young women I’ve spoken with, shared the concern about working in a place where they couldn’t keep a physical distance between themselves and their co-workers, or where they had to work with minimal to no PPE. 

00:51 Mattea 

14% of young women report having been forced to come into work by their employer despite concerns about their safety. This is compared to just 11% of young men. 

01:01 Iulia 

Our research has also found that over a third of young women would not report sexual harassment at work for fears of being fired.  

This statistic really resonates with me because at the start of the pandemic, I had to file a complaint for sexual harassment at work. And then to my disappointmentI was one of the first to be made redundant.  

01:23 Ashleeka 

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