Young Women’s Advisory Panel

Join the Advisory Panel 

The Young Women's Advisory Panel is a group of 30 young women, aged 18–30, from across England and Wales.    

The Advisory Panel gives power to you. Young women are at the heart of the work that the Young Women’s Trust do – leading, designing and campaigning based on your own experiences of living on low or pay.

We’re not looking for new panel members at the moment.

If you'd like to get involved with Young Women's Trust, you can join our Facebook group for young women, the Lounge, sign up for our monthly newsletter or follow us on Instagram or Twitter

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What panel members do

  • Meet twice a year at residential weekends
  • Contribute to workshops and meetings about the charity’s work  
  • Training on public speaking, campaigning and social media 
  • Join events to campaign for change
  • Write blogs to share experiences 

The Advisory Panel is flexible – you can choose how much you want to be involved.  

All of your travel, accommodation, meals and childcare (if required) are provided for any activities that you attend. 
You will also get a young person’s rail card, reference and a certificate from Young Women’s Trust. 

Who can apply to be a panel member

  • Women aged 18 - 30
  • Living in England and Wales  
  • With experience of living on low or no pay, who are not in full time education

This could mean that you are unemployed, in low paid work or insecure work (like a zero hours contract). You might also be a young mum, have caring responsibilities, not have many qualifications, be a care leaver or disabled. You might have experienced other barriers to work for example sexual harassment or experience of the criminal justice system. 

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Chat to us about the panel 

Get in touch with Lydia or Diana
Phone 020 7837 2019
Whatsapp or text 07788 291 063  

Got questions? Check out our FAQs.