Our values and principles

Our values  

BOLD: We’re ambitious about creating a better world for young women. We will have the courage to try new things and learn from failure as well as success.    

COLLABORATIVE: We believe that to make big changes, we need to work together with others.    

KEEPING IT REAL: Everything we do is grounded in evidence and the realities of young women’s lives.    

INCLUSIVE: Different perspectives and experiences make us stronger.     

PASS THE MIC: We believe young women have the energy and talent to change the world. We will build their power and amplify their voices.  

Our principles  

Young women at the heart  

We believe young women are a powerful force for change. Young women are at the heart of Young Women’s Trust, shaping both our strategy and day to day work. We will give young women a platform so their voices can be heard and they can build their own power and influence. 

Champion young women facing the greatest financial penalty 

We are working for a fairer financial future for all young women. Wherever we can, we will champion young women who face the greatest inequalities in relation to finances, employment and unpaid work – especially working class young women, racially minoritised young women and disabled young women, in line with the evidence.  

Tackle the structural barriers as well as changing individual lives 

We aim to influence both the external environment which holds young women back, as well as providing direct support to young women to increase their knowledge, networks and self-belief. 

Value young women’s choices  

We want young women to be able to have real options about what to do with their lives, and to make choices without facing judgement. Whether they choose to look after young children at home, work full-time or part-time, and whatever work they choose to do – all of these choices are valid.