Our strategy

‘An Equal World of Work’

Our 2023-28 strategy, ‘An Equal World of Work’, aims to bring us closer to our vision of a world where young women are valued, can make choices and look forward to a fairer financial future. 

Our purpose 

Our purpose is to create an equal world of work and raise young women’s incomes. 

Why we are needed 

Young women face inequality from the very start of their working lives. On average, a young woman will earn a fifth less each year than a young man of the same age. For some groups of young women, such as those from racially minoritised communities, the income gap is even larger.   

This gap only grows over the course of a woman’s lifetime – so starting to close it early will give them a fairer financial future.  

Why does it happen?  

  • Young women are more likely to be in lower paid jobs and sectors of the economy and are more likely to get stuck there.  
  • They still face discrimination in the workplace, and this is holding them back from progressing, reaching their potential, and earning what they should.  
  • They’re taking on more unpaid work, such as childcare, and are more likely to be in part-time work.  
  • At a time in life when young women should be growing, learning, and taking chances, they’re instead too often trapped in a struggle just to get by. 

This isn’t fair. And at Young Women’s Trust, as we embark on our new strategy, we’re determined to close this income gap that’s setting young women back before they’ve even got started.  

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'An Equal World of Work' - our strategy explained

Over the next 5 years, we will focus on 2 key goals:

1. We will give young women a platform to raise their voices and ensure widespread visibility of the financial penalty young women face
2. We will work towards a more equal world of work.

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Our goals 

Our ultimate goal is to close the income gap between young women and young men. 

Our 5 year strategy lays the foundations for this by focusing on two key goals:

1. Visibility, voice and power

We will give young women a platform to raise their voices and build their power.

We will ensure widespread visibility of the financial penalty that young women face.

2. A more equal world of work

We will raise young women’s incomes, satisfaction with their jobs and future prospects.

We will influence government and employers to take action to bring about equality in the workplace.

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