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Young Women's Trust on Equal Pay Day

If the government is serious about reducing the gender pay gap and levelling up so that young women aren’t left behind, far more needs to be done to target support where it’s most needed.

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More young women going to hospital with coronavirus

Young Women's Trust responds to Prof Calum Semple's appearance on BBC News this morning, where he said that a rise in hospital admissions for coronavirus included women aged 20 to 40, who were at risk of exposure to the virus because of their work in hospitality, care homes or because they were parents of schoolchildren.

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Pandemic exacerbating young women's depression

Before coronavirus, there was already a crisis in mental ill-health among young women, so many of whom face daily discrimination and sexism resulting in financial hardship. So today's statistics are unsurprising given the overwhelming number of young women who have told us during the pandemic that it has exacerbated this situation.