50th anniversary of the Equal Pay Act

To mark the 50th anniversary of the Equal Pay Act, Joe Levenson, Director of Communications and Campaigns at Young Women’s Trust said:

“Today’s anniversary marks an important step to ensuring a woman’s right to equal pay for equal work, but economic justice still remains far from reach for many young women.

“Even before the coronavirus crisis began, young women were locked out from accessing equal pay and opportunities in the workplace. Their pay is hindered by part time and insecure work, increased chances of being on zero hours contracts and a lack of support for caring meaning they are often forced to choose between advancing in their career and looking after their family.

“And now, young women are amongst the hardest hit by the financial and domestic impact of coronavirus as they are pushed back to caring roles, reduced hours and will return to work at the mercy of their employers discretion.

“Despite new reporting laws, gender pay gaps are still at large. What’s worse is that employers are no longer required to report their gender pay gaps during the current pandemic, leaving the true reality of women’s experiences in work undocumented yet again.”