Fundraise with us

Raise money to make equality for young women a reality.

You can make a difference in the lives of young women.

Whether you run a marathon, host a bake sale, start a feminist book club or have fun hosting your own fundraising event, you’ll join a movement that’s powered by people just like you. People who want to make a difference.

Download a Fundraising Pack [pdf] 

We want to raise awareness of gender inequality affecting young people. By raising money for Young Women’s Trust we are shaping a world in which women will be given the same value and respect as men.

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Run for us

When you run a race for Young Women’s Trust we support you every step of the way.

From fundraising support to regular training tips, you’ll join a movement that’s powered by people who want to make a difference.

Run for us

Fundraising ideas  

Host an event  

Whether it’s a quiz, a feminist book club, or a film night, bring your friends together (online or in person) and raise funds to create real change for young women. Don’t forget to tell us your plans and tag us on TwitterInstagram and Facebook. 

Take on a challenge 

You could try a half marathon, a couch to 5k or giving something up for a month. Pick a challenge that tests your strength or resilience to raise vital money and awareness for the cause. 

Visit Just Giving to set up a fundraising page.

Arrange a sweepstake 

The possibilities for sweepstakes are endless: sports tournaments; how many sweets in the jar; reality TV shows; guessing your time in a half marathon; awards ceremonies…  

Ask your friends or colleagues to donate £2 per entry and choose a prize for the winner. Draw names (or number of sweets/half marathon times) from a hat before the event starts, then sit back and enjoy the fun! 

Set up a Facebook fundraiser 

Collect donations via Facebook for your birthday or a special occasion. You can also add a donate sticker to your Instagram stories. Make sure to tell your friends and followers why you care about standing in solidarity with young women, and why they should too!

Download a fundraising pack

Raise money to make equality a reality

Download now [pdf]

Contact the Fundraising Team

Contact us to tell us about your fundraising plans or get resources for your fundraising event. 

Phone 020 7837 2019

Change how we contact you

If you’ve changed address, or you want us to change how we contact you about fundraising fill in this form.

Change how we contact you

Gift Aid declaration

Gift Aid is a government scheme that allows Young Women’s Trust to reclaim tax on your donations. This means we can get an extra 25p for every £1 you donate.

If you are a UK taxpayer and you want to tell us we can reclaim the tax on your donations, fill in this form.

Make a Gift Aid declaration


Join the movement

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Join the movement

Whether you are a young woman, or someone who wants to support young women and our work – join us.

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Campaign with us

Together we can campaign for a fairer working future for young women.