Our mission, vision and values

Young Women’s Trust is a feminist organisation working to achieve economic justice for young women.

There are 1 million young women in England and Wales struggling to live on low or no pay. We want them to thrive and see a fairer working future.

Our vision

Our vision is one where young women have the freedom to choose work that fosters their talents and are paid fair wages in secure workplaces. When young women’s contributions are valued, all of society prospers.

Our mission

Our mission is to give economic power to young women. We want to fire their imaginations, aspirations and raise their voices. By challenging sexist work roles that trap young women in poverty, we can rebuild workplaces free from discrimination and inequality.

Our values


We’re ambitious about creating a better world for young women. We will have the courage to try new things and learn from failure as well as success.


We believe that to make big changes, we need to work together with others.

Keeping it real

Everything we do is grounded in evidence and the realities of young women’s lives.


Different perspectives and experiences make us stronger.

Pass the mic

We believe young women have the energy and talent to change the world. We will build their power and amplify their voices.

Our goals

Unlocking young women’s potential

Smashing career stereotypes

  • Highlighting intersectional barriers to work
  • Promoting equal apprenticeships and paid internships with government and business
  • Providing fair recruitment advice for companies
  • Campaigning to end job segregation and stereotyping

Valuing women’s unpaid work

  • Doing innovative research to scrutinise and illuminate young women’s experiences
  • Campaigns and policy advice on shared care and flexible working to lower barriers
  • Campaigning for government investment in social infrastructure

Building equal workplaces

  • Information and advice on workplace rights
  • Research to monitor progress
  • Campaigns to end sexual harassment and pregnancy, maternity and pay discrimination

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Young Women's Trust is a feminist organisation working to achieve economic justice for young women by offering coaching support and by campaigning for a fairer future.

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