Ask your MP to hold a #RealTalk event

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We want Members of Parliament to organise an event in their constituency (the place they represent) to listen to young women and we want you to make sure they do.

We are more likely to be on low pay or out of work. We face gender pay gaps, discrimination and sexual harassment if we get work. Workplaces – and political parties – are not meeting our needs, and too often young women are ignored. So, it’s time to speak up. And MPs need to listen to young women because our voices matter. We are asking MPs to organise an event so they can listen to our views, our hopes and concerns, and what we think needs to change.

When should the events be?

Aim to contact your MP as soon as possible and encourage them to hold an event in March to coincide with International Women’s Day. This is on 8 March but they could do their event any time that week. 

Where should they be held?

Your MP should be in charge of organising a place to hold the event but you can advise them on where would work well for young women locally. It could be at a youth centre, at a library, in a café or shopping centre. Have a think about what you think would be most accessible for the most amount of young women in your local area. 

If you're already part of a local young women's group, think about whether you could invite your MP to come and hear from your women's group.

How to get involved in 3 easy steps

  1. Contact your MP using the letter we've provided or tweet your MP and tag us in the tweets. You can use our suggested social media posts if you like, just be sure to use the hashtags: #PaidLessNotWorthLess #RealTalk.
  2. Let us know if your MP is interested, we'll send them an event pack and you can confirm the date with your MP and promote it on social media using these suggested social media posts and infographics (aim for Fri 8 March)
  3. Attend the #RealTalk event so you can speak truth to power about the issues that matter to you!

Download an event pack for your MP here.

Events have been confirmed so far in:

7th March 2019
Swansea West

8th March 2019
Newcastle upon Tyne Central
Holborn and St Pancras
Stockton North 
Southampton Test

4th April 2019

An online poll will also be carried out for young women in Stockton South

Good luck!