Positive Action

Young Women's Trust commissioned Professor Chantal Davies of the University of Chester to carry out research into the use of Positive Action, with a special focus on its use in apprenticeships within engineering, construction and IT. 

Read Equality at work? Positive Action in gender segregated apprenticeships - Summary report

Our research suggests that Positive Action is being chronically under-utilised due to a misunderstanding of what it is and how it can be used, which in turn is acting as a barrier to addressing the under-representation of women in key sectors within apprenticeships and beyond. 

positive action

We propose the following recommendations:

1) Employers should make greater use of Positive Action to recruit women apprentices in sectors where they are under-represented

2) Sector bodies should be promoting Positive Action, providing greater clarity and cohesion

3) Government should visibly support publicise and promote the use of effective and robust Positive Action to address women's under-representation in apprenticeships

Positive action

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