No young woman left behind video transcript

00:17 Freya

I’m here to speak about what life has been like in lockdown for me.

00:21 Amy

So before coronavirus happened I was training to be a kitchen designer. It was amazing. I was so confident I was so happy. I was so excited for the future and then coronavirus happened.

00:32 Morgan

My life prior to covid-19 was stressful.

00:36 Mehvash

I was very close, very close to getting a job around March, which is when the coronavirus pandemic hit us in the UK.

00:47 Freya

It’s been challenging, because my mental health has not been the best. I’ve had really rough days where I’ve been breaking down. I’ve been crying, I’ve not wanted to get out of bed.

1:00 Amy

I was one of the lucky ones. I was furloughed and not sacked.

1:03 Freya

I miss just normality, seeing family seeing friends. It’s hard because you just feel so lonely and isolated. And I just miss life.

1:15 Morgan

Something that has helped me is creating a group chat for the young women from the Young Women’s Trust and we’ve all been connecting.

1:22 Amy

It’s been really frustrating. And I think that even though a lot of us young women all have different experiences, we all still feel the same.

01:31 Katrina

It doesn’t have to be like this. Together, we can make sure that no young women are left behind.

01:38 Iulia

Will you help make sure no young woman is left behind?



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