No young woman left behind

No young woman should be at the back of the queue as the country tries to cope with the coronavirus crisis.

At the moment, the government isn’t accurately measuring the impact of the coronavirus on young women. Unless the government knows how many young women are being affected and who’s struggling the most, they can’t provide targeted support.

Our latest research

Our report, Picking up the pieces shows how millions of young women across the country have struggled and felt ignored throughout this crisis and the toll it has taken on their careers, finances, home life and mental health.

The report includes real stories from young women, gathered by young women who trained and were paid as peer researchers, about what life has been like for them during the pandemic. It also looks at young women’s attitudes to the government and the role activism plays in their lives.

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Hear from young women

In this video made in April 2020, we meet Amie, Freya, Mehvash and Morgan. They talk honestly about the impact the pandemic has had on their lives.

Our calls to the government

Unemployment is rising. We want the government to set out a clear jobs plan for young women.

As part of this we’re calling on them to:

  • Make employers publish their redundancy data by protected characteristics like age, sex or race so we can see who is being impacted by job losses.
  • Monitor and publish data on who takes up the government’s Kickstart job placement scheme, broken down by industry as well as by sex, age and race.
  • Immediately commit to restarting gender pay gap reporting for 2021/22 which was suspended in March.

Explore the issues

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Smashing career stereotypes

We want to break down barriers to opportunities for young women, so they can smash career stereotypes and be anything they want to be.

Young women working together at a table

Building equal workplaces

Young women face discrimination at work every day. A third of young women have faced discrimination when looking for work or while working.