No young woman left behind

Young women need the £20 lifeline back

1.5 million young women lost income during the pandemic and many claimed benefits for the first time. Now they also face the increased pressure of day to day living costs rising.

The £20 Universal Credit uplift the government introduced in April 2020 has been a lifeline for 1000s of young women. It has been the difference between young women getting medications, feeding their children, buying period products and even being able to remove themselves from abusive situations.

The government have made the decision to take that lifeline away.

Young Women’s Trust are campaigning to bring back the £20 Universal Credit uplift.

The government must not abandon young women at this crucial time. 

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I’m struggling to save any money for my future and now will have to make really daunting decisions about whether I can afford to put the heating on and attend regular counselling to support my mental health, both of which are essential for me.


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Hear from young women

In this video made in April 2020, we meet Amie, Freya, Mehvash and Morgan. They talk honestly about the impact the pandemic has had on their lives.

No young woman left behind video transcript

A young woman stands infront of a brick building. She holds her hair out of her eyes with one hand. She looks confident yet defiant.

Our research

A year on from the first Covid-19 lockdown, 86% of young women said they felt that the government response to the pandemic had made things worse for people like them.

Our report, Lockdown One Year On shows the deep impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on society and the devastating effect on young women’s work, finances, and mental health.

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Smashing career stereotypes

We want to break down barriers to opportunities for young women, so they can smash career stereotypes and be anything they want to be.

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Young women face discrimination at work every day. A third of young women have faced discrimination when looking for work or while working.