Young Women’s Trust responds to the Early Education and Childcare Coalition’s report

7 September 2023

As a member of the Early Education and Childcare Coalition, Claire Reindorp, Chief Executive of Young Women’s Trust, comments on news of British voters’ attitudes to childcare sector reform.

“We all know that the early years and childcare sector in this country is broken. There is some hope in the fact that finally, the need to fix it is a key issue in the election.

“Young women are being locked out of work because they can’t find, let alone afford, childcare. Heartbreakingly, as one of the groups hardest hit by the cost of living crisis, the cost of childcare is making having children seem out of reach for many young women. In our annual survey last year, 61% of young women agreed that they will put off having children completely until they feel they can afford them.

“The entire system is underfunded and unable to meet the demands of modern working life as well as the specific realities of being a young woman. Early education and childcare is not an optional extra and when done right, unlocks a whole talent pool of young women who are ready and eager to contribute to our economy. A childcare system that works for young women is one that serves the country as a whole.”