Young Women’s Trust responds to Labour’s announcement on extension to policy to help prevent harassment at work

9 May 2024

Angela Rayner, Shadow Deputy Prime Minister and Shadow Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing, Communities & Local Government, has announced extra measures to ensure that more people are protected from harassment in the workplace. The new policy will mean that employers must take ‘all reasonable steps’ to prevent harassment not only for full time contracted workers, but also for people in internships and on work experience.

Claire Reindorp, Chief Executive of the charity Young Women’s Trust, comments:

“We know that around half of young women experience some form of discrimination, including harassment, at work. Being young and female – particularly as an intern – means being in a uniquely powerless position in the workplace. It’s vital we redress this power imbalance and increasing the protections against harassment at work will mean that interns and people on work experience are given the rights they should always have had.

“In the future we also want to see all groups of people fully protected as we know that young women are more likely to be on zero hours and part time contracts. Everyone should have the basic right to be safe and treated with dignity and respect as they enter the world of work.”