Young Women’s Trust on Equal Pay Day

19 November 2020

Joe Levenson, Director of Communications and Campaigns at Young Women’s Trust said:

“Young women on low pay were already struggling to get by before the coronavirus crisis hit and since then many have suffered a loss of earnings due to having their hours cut, being furloughed or losing their job.

If the government is serious about reducing the gender pay gap and levelling up so that young women aren’t left behind, far more needs to be done to target support where it’s most needed.

Alongside a jobs and training plan for young women which aims to break down barriers which continue to shut women out of better paid and more stable parts of the economy, the government should act urgently to ensure it has a better understanding of how women are being affected by the pandemic – including through requiring employers to publish data on redundancies by sex and other protected characteristics and ensuring gender pay gap reporting is reinstated for April 2021.”