Politicians must build trust with young women

As women MPs from across the political spectrum step down this week citing abuse, their dismay in our political system is matched by young women who have told us they have never had less confidence in politicians than they have now.

Young Women’s Trust Chief Executive Sophie Walker, said:

“We cannot put up with a toxic environment, where so many women politicians are targeted with horrific abuse. It should be a cause of national shame that so many women MPs from across the political spectrum are stepping down due to the harassment and abuse faced.

“With faith in our politicians at an all-time low, prospective MPs need to ensure they meet with young women and listen to their concerns about the economic injustices they face, and their need for a fairer society – one in which their talents and ambitions can flourish rather than being held back. We are also calling on all political parties to put the needs of their constituents, including the one million young women struggling to live in low or no pay, at the heart of their manifestos.”

Trust in politicians has plummeted among young women, who feel let down by bearing the brunt of austerity, inequality and barriers to work, low pay and in-work poverty, lack of child care and sexual harassment, according to a recent Young Women’s Trust poll (September 2019).

Young Women’s Trust Chief Executive Sophie Walker, added:

“Young women need to register and then get out and vote on 12 December. They need to use this crucial election to make sure their voices are heard. Politicians –  you need to reconnect with young women in your constituencies who have the resourcefulness and courage to heal divisions and drive new ideas and much needed social change. Young Women’s Trust stands ready to help politicians to engage with young women.”