PM’s New Deal speech offers little support for young women

Responding to the Prime Minister’s speech in Dudley today announcing a ‘new deal’ for Britain, Joe Levenson, Director of Communcations and Campaigns said:

“A new deal is desperately needed, but the Prime Minister’s speech today provides little detail of how the Government plans to prevent young women, who have been disproportionately hit by this crisis, from being further left behind.

“From job losses, increased childcare, untold hours of unpaid work and an increase in domestic violence – young women have been bearing the brunt and need to know when they will be pushed to the top of the Prime Minister’s agenda.

“Not only does a pledge to ‘build, build, build’ risk more jobs for the boys, it is also at the expense of meaningful investment in our social infrastructure which is reliant on women’s undervalued and unpaid work. The Prime Minister made no commitment to childcare – locking thousands of women out of work – and when it comes to social care, any progress is welcome, but it needs genuine political commitment and significant and sustained investment.”