Fawcett Society and Young Women’s Trust begin merger talks

11 November 2020

Fawcett Society and Young Women’s Trust have today announced they are entering talks to investigate a potential merger, led by the organisations’ boards.

The talks will explore what can be achieved by bringing together their shared vision to create true equality for all women and girls through research, services, campaigning and activism as well as combining resources to improve the lives of women. Both organisations are in stable financial positions, with the talks aimed primarily at the potential to create a stronger voice for women and equality in the charity sector. This comes at a time when coronavirus is having a profound impact on women’s lives. Both charities believe a strong response is needed which centres women and girls and addresses the risk of turning the clock back on gender equality for a generation.

It is important to note that these conversations are at an exploratory stage and no decision to merge has yet been made. Both charities remain fully committed to their current strategies, fundraising priorities, services and projects as these talks enter this initial stage.

It is expected that these talks will last for several months before reaching any conclusion.

Joint statement regarding the start of the talks from Fiona Mactaggart, Chair of Fawcett Society and Jo-Ann Robertson, Chair of Young Women’s Trust.

Today we have announced that the boards of Fawcett Society and Young Women’s Trust have entered into potential merger talks. We are proud of our shared feminist agenda and we are exploring the potential impact we could have on behalf of the women we work for if we shared a strategic focus and combined resources.

Both organisations are currently in a good financial position but we recognise the challenges that lie ahead. The work that we do every day on behalf of women across our country goes on as these merger talks evolve, and as women face even greater challenges as a result of the economic and cultural impact of coronavirus. It is important to note that this is still at an exploratory stage and no decision to merge has yet been made.

Note to editors

Young Women’s Trust is a feminist organisation working to achieve economic justice for young women. It was formerly the YWCA and was founded in 1855. It was rebranded as Platform 51 before becoming Young Women’s Trust in 2013.

Fawcett Society is the UK’s leading membership charity campaigning for gender equality and women’s rights.