Join the movement

Whether you are a young woman, or someone who wants to support young women and our work – join us. Together we can challenge sexist work roles and rebuild work places free from discrimination and inequality.

3 ways you can get involved today


I stand with all young women. You are all my sisters and I want to see you thriving, not just surviving.


Fundraise with us

You can make a difference in the lives of young women facing poverty.

Whether you run, tandem cycle, skydive or have fun hosting your own fundraising event, you’ll join a movement that’s powered by people just like you. People who want to make a difference.

Fundraise with us
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Join The Lounge

If you are a young woman you can also join our Facebook group, The Lounge. It is open to young women aged 18 to 30 in England and Wales who have experience of living on low or no pay.

Find out more about The Lounge

Get involved today

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Campaign with us

Together we can campaign for a fairer working future for young women.

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Join us for free events to connect, learn and campaign.