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We Need You to Get Involved With Our Apprenticeship Campaign!



At Young Women’s Trust we want to see an apprenticeship system that offers young women the best opportunities and makes the most of their talents.

At their best apprenticeships can offer young people new skills and excellent routes into employment, they help employers fill skills gaps and make a huge contribution to a productive economy. Sadly not all apprenticeships are created equal and it is young women who are losing out at every level.

The Government has set a target to create 3 million apprentices by 2020. They are bringing in lots of changes to apprenticeships to make this happen so it is a great opportunity to make the changes work for young women.

Our key Recommendations

Young women have told us they are presented with a limited choice of apprenticeships, they get paid less than male apprentices, are less likely to receive training and are more likely to be out of a job at the end of their apprenticeship.

We believe that in order to make apprenticeships work for young women it is essential that:

  1. Positive action is taken to increase diversity in apprenticeships
  2. Greater emphasis is placed on the collection and publication of data relating to apprenticeships
  3. Pay and financial support for apprentices is increased
  4. There is a greater availability of part-time and flexible apprenticeships
  5. There should be a renewed focus on the advice and support given to apprentices before, during and after their apprenticeship

For more information about each recommendation read the summary report here

Download the full report here

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We need your help to take these recommendations to decision makers, employers and raise awareness through social media. Don’t forget to let us know about any campaigning you do so that we can support you and keep track of what happens.

You can support this campaign in 3 ways. Do as many actions as you like. Click on the images to find out how!



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The difference your help makes

The difference you can make by getting involved in this campaign is HUGE. By helping us to engage with decision makers, employers and your friends / family / colleagues, together we will:

  • Increase the recognition of the need for apprenticeships to have a gender focus
  • Increase the profile and support of the campaign and Young Women’s Trust
  • Increase the representation of young women in male dominated sectors
  • Increase the uptake of our recommendations by employers and the government

What happens next?

In early 2017 we will release a report outlining best practice, progress that’s been made and updated recommendations. We also hope to gather lots of case studies and develop a good practice guide that shares how employers who have signed our pledge made their apprenticeships work better for young women. All of this will be shared on our website.

Don’t stop me now!

If you have other ideas for ways to spread the word about the campaign we would love to hear them… Or if you would like to know some more in-depth ways to get involved please email us at or call 020 7600 7451