Thriving through coaching: success stories of 3 young women…

Over 4,000 young women have used our Work It Out job application and coaching service in the past year. Meet Rianna, Adeola and Megan and hear first-hand how Work It Out has helped them to achieve their career goals…

“My work it out coach helped me prioritise the life that I would like to lead.” – Adeola’s story

“A friend of mine had found out about Young Women’s Trust via Instagram. Working with Jane, my coach, helped me understand I have the power within to really create the life I want to live. Following coaching, I got a new job, which is about community development and connecting with others, which is so ‘me’!

My coach didn’t just help me with work; she helped me with boundary setting and prioritising myself. My coach felt like a family friend. I also passed my driving test on my seventh attempt. Jane helped me understand that I had anxiety around driving and was putting a lot of pressure on myself. I felt so happy about this!”

“Work it out got me my dream job” – Megan’s story

“I have always known that I am a writer at heart. After going through a difficult time, I signed up for Work It Out coaching, and that’s how I met Diane, my Work It Out coach. She changed my life; Diane helped me to have at least one revelation in every coaching session we had. She helped me to realise I wasn’t being kind to myself.

I found myself writing every day and developed the confidence to submit my writing to publishers. I got a job with an editor title and began working with language daily, as I’d dreamed of doing for over a decade. I became a professional writer, receiving my first payments for having my words in print.

I will always be grateful to Diane for her guidance and how she helped me to learn so much more about myself.”

From hospitality to marketing: Rianna’s story

“I first discovered Young Women’s Trust through a quick internet search whilst I was looking for support during my career change from hospitality to marketing. After connecting with them and receiving job application feedback and coaching through Work It Out, I was able to secure my current internship.

I also went on to be part of a co-creation project with Young Women’s Trust. Listening to other young women’s wants and needs from a network was eye-opening. Throughout the workshops, the project coordinators created a safe space that allowed me to contribute and collaborate toward the common goal. I have walked away from this experience, feeling very grateful for the personal growth it has allowed me to achieve and the wonderful women that I was able to connect with throughout this project.”

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