About us

Young Women's Trust supports young women aged 18-30, especially those struggling to live on low or no pay, to get into work that is right for them

We work in three ways:


Young Women's Trust offers free coaching and personalised advice on job applications, conducts research, runs campaigns and works with young women to build confidence and advocate for fair financial futures.

We have a proud history, having been originally founded over 150 years ago as YWCA England & Wales. We relaunched as Young Women's Trust with a new vision and direction, shaped by the young women we work with. 

Why we exist

At Young Women’s Trust we are very concerned that there are over 1 million young women across the country struggling because they are out of work or trapped in a low paid job.

Our vision is that all young women should have the opportunity to work and thrive.

Our mission is to support young women aged 18-30, especially those struggling to live on low or no pay, to get into work that is right for them.

Young women are at the heart of all Young Women’s Trust activity, and we involve those with personal experience of struggling to live on low or no pay in all of our work.

In 2019-2022 we will:

  • Support 10,000 young women to build their confidence and employability through our Work It Out coaching and CV feedback service.
  • Provide 1,000 young women with small grants to enable them to take steps towards work or training.
  • Build a network of 1,000 young women who have personal experience of low or no pay and empower them to have their voices heard through our influencing activities. 
  • Develop and implement a new digital strategy, better engaging and informing young women. 
  • Become a recognised leader on the theme of young women and work. 
  • Build new collaborations and partnerships so we can better meet the needs of young women and bring about changes to policy and practice.
  • Undertake high quality research to ensure the needs of young women and the barriers they face are widely understood.
  • Secure policy changes to improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of young women.

We will do this by focusing our work on three key areas:

  1. The road to work
  2. Confidence and wellbeing
  3. A fair workplace

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Our values are straightforward and simple. We are:


  • Working with young women to bring about the change they want to see
  • Working with others in partnerships
  • Trusted and empathetic


  • To make a difference
  • To inspire others to make a difference 
  • To invest energy and passion in building a better society for young women


  • Use evidence to inform and develop innovative practice
  • Encourage educated risk taking
  • Work creatively and flexibly

Young Women’s Trust is the operating name of YWCA England & Wales.

Charity number 217868.  Company number 137117.