About us

Young Women's Trust is a feminist organisation working to achieve economic justice for young women. 


What we do

  • Unlock women's potential 
  • Smash career stereotypes
  • Value women's unpaid work
  • Build equal workplaces

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Our vision

Our vision is one where young women have the freedom to choose work that fosters their talents and are paid fair wages in secure workplaces. And society prospers because young women's contribution is valued. 

Our mission 

Our mission is to give economic power to young women by firing their imaginations and aspirations and raising their voices, by challenging sexist work roles that trap young women in poverty and rebuilding work places free from discrimination and inequality.  

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Why support Young Women’s Trust?

Because economic justice for women is vital for a functioning, fair society. The first step is economic justice for young women. Young Women’s Trust reaches and represents those women. We can make the biggest difference and make it happen early.

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