Young Women's Trust Strategy 2019-2022

Why we are needed

At Young Women’s Trust we are very concerned that there are over 1 million young women across the country struggling because they are out of work or trapped in a low paid job.

Our vision is that all young women should have the opportunity to work and thrive.

Our mission is to support young women aged 18-30, especially those struggling to live on low or no pay, to get into work that is right for them.

young women

Our values and how we work 

Young women are at the heart of all Young Women’s Trust activity, and we involve those with personal experience of struggling to live on low or no pay in all of our work.

In order to build on our success, we will be scaling up our activities over the next three years and focusing our work on three key areas:

The road to work

We will increase opportunities for young women to be ready for and able to get into work through our Work It Out confidence and employment coaching and CV feedback service. We will campaign for improved support, including through Jobcentre Plus and we'll ensure apprenticeships work better for young women.

Confidence and wellbeing

Through our services and by including young women in all of our activities, we work to improve young women’s confidence, wellbeing and resilience. We will also help policy-makers to understand the links between mental health and being out of work or in low-paid work, and provide employers with information about supporting young women who have low confidence or mental health issues when they apply for jobs or are in employment.

A fair workplace

We will ensure that the workplace is fair for young women. This will mean campaigning against the gender pay gap and the discrimination and harassment many women face at work, and fighting for the extension of the National Living Wage to under-25s and fairer recruitment practices, including through salary transparency. 

Read our three year strategy.