Our vision and mission

Young Women’s Trust is a feminist organisation working to achieve economic justice for young women.

Our vision and mission

Our vision is one where young women have the freedom to choose work that fosters their talents and are paid fair wages in secure workplaces. And all society prospers because young women’s contribution is valued.

Our mission is to give economic power to young women by firing their imaginations and aspirations and raising their voices, by challenging sexist work roles that trap young women in poverty and rebuilding workplaces free from discrimination and inequality.

Four key objectives

We do this via four key objectives: building hopeful young women aged 18-30 to define their own vision of happy and purposeful activity; opening up opportunities for young women by smashing career stereotypes; building a society that values the unpaid work it relies upon women to do; and creating respectful, equal workplaces. So the one million young women who are struggling to live on low or no pay can thrive and all young women can see a fairer working future.

We achieve these four key objectives via the following strategic services and workflows:

Unlocking women's potential  

Smashing career stereotypes

  • Highlighting intersectional barriers to work 
  • Promoting equal apprenticeships and paid internships with business
  • Providing fair recruitment practices advice for companies
  • Campaigning to end job segregation and stereotyping

Valuing women's unpaid work 

  • Doing innovative research to scrutinise and illuminate young women's experiences
  • Campaigns and policy advice on shared care and flexible working to lower barriers
  • Campaigning for equal government investment in social infrastructure

Building equal workplaces

  • Information and advice on workplace rights
  • Research to monitor progress and lack of it
  • Campaigns to end sexual harassment and pregnancy, maternity and pay discrimination 

young women

Core values

Giving power to young women so that they are at the heart of our work: leading, designing and participating.

Designing for the furthest first, so we reach and represent the young women most in need of us.

Maintaining an intersectional approach so we understand and advocate to end discrimination of young women experiencing multiple forms of discrimination.

Ensuring diversity in all our staff and governance structures, so that we reflect the communities we serve.

Valuing and supporting our staff’s development and enjoyment of their work.

Why support Young Women’s Trust?

Because economic justice for women is vital for a functioning, fair society. The first step is economic justice for young women. Young Women’s Trust reaches and represents those women. We can make the biggest difference and make it happen early.

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