We know that now more than ever you may be feeling worried about the future, that's why our Work It Out Coaches will continue to offer support throughout the coronavirus outbreak, helping you to cope with the current situation and build strong mental health and resiliance. Coaching sessions are provided over the phone or via Whatsapp, so you can still plan for your future without having to leave your home.

Work It Out coaching is a telephone coaching service to support you to think about the future you want.

We can help with anything from interview preparation to identifying your skills and planning your next steps in life. 

How does it work?

  • Free sessions with a coach 
  • Chat on the phone or on Whatsapp 
  • Have up to 6 sessions 
  • Chat to your coach 1 to 1 
  • Talk to your coach when it suits you, including evenings and weekends 
  • Available to women aged 18-30 living in England and Wales 

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Watch Sarah’s journey and find out how coaching helped her realise her potential and feel excited for her future. 


Getting started 

  • Sign up using a quick online form 
  • Choose the coaching option on the form 
  • Our team will get back to you to connect you to a coach

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Sign up for free coaching with Work It Out >>

What your coach can help with

Figuring out your next steps

Identifying your strengths and skills

Staying motivated

How to be your best in job interviews

Building confidence and strong mental health

Dealing with anxiety

Making a plan for the future 

Talking through relationships with family, friends and partners

Our coaches 

YWT coaches


We have 22 coaches working with us at Young Women’s Trust. They are all qualified professionals who are friendly, flexible and ready to support you.

Carole Adams, one of our Work It Out coaches said: 

Many young women tell us that having coaching with us feels like talking to a friend or family member - that always makes me smile because we want you to feel comfortable,  at ease and for the coaching to feel like a pleasant and enjoyable experience.Young women use the sessions to unlock their potential, discuss things such as figuring out what they want to do, or to work out a plan to get where they want to be - the conversations are tailored to what you want to talk about. Coaching is a really effective way of achieving all of those things and much more. 

We're happy to help 

Get in touch with our team   
Phone 0808 808 8099. This number is free from all major mobile networks.   
Whatsapp or text 07400 553 880  

Got questions? Check out our FAQs.