Fundraise with us this International Women’s Day

17 February 2021

This International Women’s Day (IWD) you can help us raise funds to create real change for young women. We have put together a few ideas for you to take action and fundraise in the lead-up to Monday 8 March. 

Take it easy with our IWD week challenge 

Take our IWD week challenge by doing something each day to be kind to yourself and to support young women. Share your challenges with friends then complete the tasks and donate at the end of the week.  

Pass it on 

If you are looking for a way to thank an important woman in your life you could donate £5 to Young Womens Trust in her name. Encourage her to do the same and let the thanks pass on and on! 

Skill share session 

Are you an expert in something such as drawing, mindfulness, video editing, yoga or even Excel? You could run a tutorial or 1 to 1 session to share your expertise  

Set up and share a JustGiving page and send the video call link to everyone who donates.  

Go the distance 

On your own or in a team set a goal distance to travel during the week  of International Women’s Day. You can challenge yourself to walk, run or bike. Friends can then support you in the form of donations and virtual cheers.  

Feminist film night 

Pick a feminist film and invite friends to a virtual film night. Get some popcorn ready and watch together onlineAsk everyone attending to donate the cost of a cinema ticket. 

You can follow these top tips for hosting online watching parties.

Hold a raffle 

Set up a JustGiving page so people can donate to enter. Then draw and draw names out of a hat on a Zoom call.  

You can get creative with prizes, winners could get a personalised portrait by the artist of the group, an online voucher, or a hat knitted with love in lockdown. 

Host a bakealong 

Choose a simple recipe like chocolate chip cookies or banana muffins and share the ingredients list with attendees in advance. Then bake along together on Zoom.  

While they’re in the oven, you can tell everyone about the work of Young Women’s Trust and encourage them to donate.  

Girls’ night in 

Host a self-care video call where everyone picks their own relaxing activity, such as nail painting, drawing, face masks or yoga. Ask people to donate £5 to join in. 

Get creative 

Host an art class with friends and auction off your creations. You could draw portraits of each other or rent a life drawing video replay from an art school.  

Sign up to run with #TeamYWT 

You can conquer your running challenge and help to get young women closer to economic justice with every step you take. 

Sign up for a running event with us  

Get your work involved 

If you take part in any of these fundraising ideas with your colleagues don’t forget to see how your employer can join in 

They might be able to donate some prizes for a raffle, from vouchers or merchandise to an extra day of annual leave! Or they could decide to donate a percentage of profits on International Women’s Day. Some employers have a policy to match employee donations, which could double your fundraising.   

Whichever idea you choose remember to tell your friends, family and colleagues why you care about standing in solidarity with young women, and why they should too 

Don’t forget to share your fundraising activities with us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook  

To collect donations remotely, you can set up a fundraising page with JustGiving. Otherwise you can pay in the funds you raise on our donation page

You can contact the fundraising team with your questions or ideas at