The clock turns back for young women

This annual report from 2015 shines a light on the realities of young women’s lives in the 21st century. Almost 100 years after women first got the vote in Britain a generation of young women are facing a bleak future and, in stark contrast to the women over 31, feel that traditionally male roles are beyond their reach.

Young women, either not working or confined to low paid part time jobs, are worried about money, housing, and whether they have the abilities to get a job or, if in employment, do the one they have. Worn down, lacking opportunities and confidence, they are pessimistic about the future.

Getting into the job market is harder than ever and disadvantaged young women face more uncertainty with possible cuts to tax credits and further restrictions on housing benefits. For young women the clock is being turned back on the progress made in the 20th century for equal opportunities for women. This is not just about social justice, globally it has been demonstrated that the engagement of women brings quantifiable opportunities to the economy.