No country for young women

Our 2016 Annual report reveals a generation of young people despairing and anxious, many of whose lives are on hold because of serious financial, work and housing problems – with young women hit hardest.

The findings reveal that high numbers of young men and women are despondent, pessimistic and facing serious financial issues, with young women most likely to report money problems, experience of discrimination in the jobs market, worries about the future, health problems and
low self-confidence.

Too many young people are struggling to make ends meet, financial problems are endemic and being debt-free in the future seems a pipe dream. As a result, young people are in limbo, living with their parents and delaying having children.

The survey also shows that the majority of young people do not expect sex equality to happen any time soon. Perhaps not surprisingly given the scale of these challenges, only a minority of young people feel optimistic and increasing numbers, compared to last year, reported feeling worn down, worried about the future and depressed.