Young Women’s Trust respond to Keir Starmer’s mission speech on opportunity, education and childcare

6 July 2023

Today, Labour leader Keir Starmer set out his fifth mission for a better Britain setting out his plan to break down barriers to opportunity at every stage, for every child.  

Commenting on the announcement, Claire Reindorp, Chief Executive at Young Women’s Trust, said: 

“In the Labour government’s announcement today we were given a promise to ‘tear down any obstacles to opportunity and barriers to hope’. The overwhelming number of young women living on low or no pay who feel stuck, and whose hope for the future has been stripped away by the struggle just to get by, will hugely welcome this message.  

Starmer talked about the ‘class ceiling’, but we also know that for young women on low incomes there’s also a ‘broken rung’ which holds them back from progressing out of low pay at all – never mind making it to the top. Fixing this can’t come too soon. The many young women who tell us they’re stuck in insecure and precarious work, worrying about getting the hours they need, will be looking with hope at the promise to tackle insecurity, too.  

Young women often feel unheard and unrepresented by politicians, and they’re all too often locked out of the opportunities that Starmer speaks about.We urge him and his top team to listen to young women’s unique experiences and needs as they develop their plans.”