Young Women’s Trust partners with Olay UK to #FaceAnything

7 October 2019

Young Women’s Trust and Olay’s fearless female ambassadors encourage women to overcome labels and #FaceAnything.

  • ‘Too emotional’ (32%), ‘too bossy’ (21%) and ‘too girly’ (19%) revealed as top 3 negative labels facing women in the UK
  • 60% of women experience negative labels at least once a week
  • 70% of women wish they had more of a voice in society
  • Almost a third of women have felt overlooked at work
  • 42% of women with children feel defined by the role of ‘mum’ above all other roles
  • Young Women’s Trust and Olay have joined forces to support young women across the UK facing inequality
  • Olay’s #FaceAnything campaign, in collaboration with Young Women’s Trust, sees ambassadors including Tanya Burr, Lady Leeshurr, Jazmin Sawyer and Em Ford share their stories for the first time ever to help create the space for women to throw off the labels and rise up

‘Too emotional’, ‘too bossy’ and ‘too girly’: Introducing the top three negative labels UK women are branded with. Recent research by Olay reveals that 60% of women experience negative labels at least once a week, while the same number of women (60%) also feel judged by their appearance every day. So Olay is launching a campaign with Young Women’s Trust to do something about it.

Olay found that, despite 63% of women being told ambition is a necessary attribute to succeed, 1 in 20 have been labelled ‘too driven’ and almost a third of women feel overlooked at work. Women also feel their personalities are being assassinated, with 1 in 10 being described as ‘too confident’.

Being a mother also brings criticism for some. The research shows 42% of women with children feel defined by the role of ‘mum’ above all other roles – including their profession, personal interests and hobbies.

In a bid to increase women’s power and influence and build a movement of women ready to throw off the labels and face anything that life throws at them, Olay and Young Women’s Trust are proud to introduce 9 fearless female ambassadors. All from different backgrounds and facing different struggles, each ambassador is sharing her own story and the labels they’ve suffered to help women to #FaceAnything.

From ‘too mumsy’ to ‘too confident’, Olay’s ambassadors show women nationwide that they can face anything, no matter the labels society throws at them:

Em Ford, Film Maker & Storyteller: “Too outspoken”

Jazmin Sawyers, Professional Athlete: “Too dedicated”

Lady Leshurr, Musician: “Too bold”

Louise Pentland, Mumfluencer: “’Too mumsy”

Suzi Grant, Broadcaster & Blogger: “’Too strong’”

Felicity Hayward, Model & Activist: “Too confident’”

Tanya Burr, Actor & Influencer: “Too driven’”

Jamie Rose Dee, Model & Content Creator: “Too feminine”

Hannah Witton, Online Creator & Author: “Too open”

Olay Communications Brand Manager Maeve Leonard says:

“We are extremely excited to announce our partnership with the Young Women’s Trust and our #FaceAnything campaign. Olay is a brand committed to improving the lives of women and we hope this campaign can help those facing negative labels and struggles to overcome them. Olay’s customers and staff will be raising funds with every donation matched by Olay itself. Together, we aim to raise £100k to support the Young Women’s Trust Coaching Service, helping 500 young women to feel like they can Face Anything.”

Young Women’s Trust Chief Executive Sophie Walker says:

“Young Women’s Trust works with the next generation of women to encourage them to find their skills and resourcefulness and lift up their voices. Over the last year we supported some three thousand young women to improve their economic power and mental health – and we continue to build a movement of activists for change. So we are thrilled to be working with a brand like Olay. This campaign fits at the heart of what we do: expanding young women’s power and influence across the nation.”

Olay’s #FaceAnything digital campaign will see influencers share their stories via Instagram. Follow the campaign online via Instagram @olayuk and the hashtag #FaceAnything.

Young Women’s Trust is unlocking young women’s potential through free coaching and CV feedback to improve skills and strong mental health, while building a movement of young women to campaign for equal workplaces.