Complaints policy

Complaints policy

We are committed to making sure that everyone who comes into contact with Young Women’s Trust has a positive experience. This includes everyone from young women, to supporters, to suppliers to the general public.

However, we recognise that there may be times when you are not happy with your experience. When this happens, your feedback helps us put things right and learn from our mistakes. If you aren’t happy about your experience and you want to make a complaint, please get in touch. We are committed to hearing your views.

Our complaints policy covers

  • The standard of experience you may have received from Young Women’s Trust
  • The behaviour of anyone you encountered who was a representative of Young Women’s Trust
  • The communication, resources or decisions linked to your experience

Our approach

Young Women’s Trust is committed to providing a fair, transparent and accessible complaints procedure, which ensures that we respond effectively to any complaints and concerns. We ensure that complaints are

  • Listened to and investigated thoroughly
  • Addressed within an appropriate and timely manner
  • Handled in confidence
  • Used to inform best practice

How you can make a complaint

To make a complaint you can contact us via a number of different channels including but not limited to:

Phone  020 7837 2019
Letter Young Women’s Trust, Unit 1.01 Wenlock Studios, 50-52 Wharf Road, London N1 7EU.

We aim to acknowledge all complaints we receive within 5 working days of receipt and respond to them within 10 working days of receipt.

Complaints will be dealt with by the relevant member of the Senior Management Team responsible for the area your complaint relates to. If you are not happy with our response, please let us know as soon as possible so that your complaint can be referred to the CEO or other senior members of staff as appropriate.

If you still do not feel that the complaint has been resolved to your satisfaction, there are 3 external bodies you can contact

By submitting a complaint, you are agreeing to us using your personal information related to your complaint for the purposes of investigation.

Monitoring and evaluation

We keep a written record of complaints, noting date received, acknowledgement of response, nature of the complaint, and actions taken. We report on complaints to the Senior Management Team on a regular basis and Trustees on an annual basis.