What I want to tell you about Work It Out coaching

By Melissa, Amy, Hannah • 20 September 2021

To celebrate International Week of Happiness at Work, we asked Melissa, Amy and Hannah what they wanted to tell other young women about coaching. They shared what it means to open up and the benefits of having a safe space to grow and reflect.


I grew up with a major lack of confidence and always went to others for advice on everything. I always thought everyone else knew more and had better judgment than me. This all changed when I realised everyone has their own unique way of doing things and most people don’t realise this or understand how to find their own way. This is where coaching comes in.

While some may think coaching is just a fancy term for teaching and consider the coach as an expert, coaching is simply guidance. A coach won’t tell you what to do step by step. A coach will help you see that you already have all the answers and help you unlock your potential to maximise your own performance, in your own unique way, in your own time.


To those who are thinking about signing up for coaching, be ready to connect. Not only with a someone you have never met, but also to other parts of yourself that you did not expect to see throughout this process.

Your coach may not give you all the answers that you may be looking for. But what they will do is give you your own safe space that will allow you to develop, learn, grow, reflect and hold yourself accountable. I hope it gives you the same joy, clarity and peace of mind that it gave me.


Coaching is really what you make it. You can share as much or as little as you want. You can focus on the big things or discuss the smaller areas you may need support. You can work towards a particular goal or get help planning or considering your options.

If you are like me, you can use coaching as a place to discuss any lack of motivation or anxious feelings. I think it is important to note that you get out what you put in, and it is because of this that I think coaching is genuinely for everybody.

Our coaches can help with anything from interview preparation to identifying your skills and planning your next steps in life.

If you are a young woman aged 18 to 30 living in England or Wales, then you can access this service for free.  

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