We are part of a community 

By Kira, Maarya, Suki • 20 December 2021

The Young Women’s Advisory Panel is a group of 30 women aged 18 to 30 from across England and Wales. They guide the work that Young Women’s Trust does and each year they connect at a residential weekend. In this blog, 3 panel members share what they will take away from their experience of this year’s residential. 


I had so much fun during the November residential. I had the honour of meeting so many amazing, passionate people and I feel so incredibly inspired by this group. My passion for helping people, especially young women has been further fuelled by this residential and I cannot wait to get even more involved.


I really enjoyed the residential weekend with Young Women’s Trust! I learned the value and the importance of blogs in one of the sessions hosted over the weekend. I am someone who has always wanted to write blogs but the lacking on confidence has held me back to the age of 30.

Even though this will be my only year working with Young Women’s Trust, I know this will be very insightful with great opportunities to get together with some great minds and discuss some amazing topics.


The Advisory Panel residential was a brilliant opening experience to Young Women’s Trust. We had lots of engaging and informative sessions ranging from how to blog and understanding how parliament works to testing out a new money app aimed at young women.

The main thing I have taken away from the residential is the knowledge that there are so many like-minded individuals who are coming along on this journey with me. It was clear through all our discussions that we all had a common goal – to work towards economic justice for women. We are part of a community where it is safe to share our thoughts and opinions.

Our goodbyes at the end really showed that every single one of us was valued as part of the team. It has given me the confidence to go forward and get involved in all the opportunities I can as part of the panel.

If you are a young woman you can join our Facebook group, The Lounge. It is open to young women aged 18 to 30 in England and Wales who have experience of living on low or no pay. 

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