Strong and resilient every step of the way

By Amal • 4 November 2019

Young Women’s Trust Work It Out service builds strong skills and mental health through coaching. In this blog, Amal tell us about her journey and how Work It Out helped her to recognise her skills and strengths.  

This year has challenged me in ways I could never have predicted; in my personal life, my mental health and in my education.

As a 20 year old young woman, my desire to become an independent adult made me feel like I had to be strong and resilient every step of the way. I’m sure it’s a familiar feeling for many young women. Strength was always something I tried to reach for but seemed to fall short of.

Having resources that I can access for reassurance and support is key and the Work It Out coaching service by Young Women’s Trust is one of those. Having resources that I can access for support has helped me with moments of self-doubt.

Academic pressures

I signed up to Work It Out in my second year of university, when the pressure of grades and applications was becoming heavier. I contacted the Work it Out team to talk out my concerns and I was connected to an experienced coach who was able to offer practical advice.

It wasn’t what I was expecting, in the best of ways. Initially, I thought the coaching or mentorship would be generic, offering routine advice and tips. But speaking to a coach who was invested and valued my concerns was incredibly helpful. Together, we broke down what I aimed to gain from the session, and what my coach could help with.

Recognising you’ve done enough

My first session focused on an application I was completing. I was worried that I lacked the skills and experience and was wondering whether to even bother applying. I’m pretty sure I kept saying over and over: “I’ve not done enough”.

My coach helped me recognise that I had done enough, even though there is always capability to do more, and I shouldn’t be self-deprecating about what I perceived as my lack of experience. She reminded me to place value on myself: I am whole, I am empowered always, whether I can actively see or feel it.

Why Work It Out is important

Prioritising youth initiatives and positive social action for young women is key in enabling women for the future. Young women from ethnic minority and LGBTQ+ backgrounds particularly need access to platforms that recognise the specific support they need and acknowledge the discrimination they face.

Coaching gives young women the support they need to push themselves in so many ways.

My Work It Out coach helped me recognise that I already have the skills and qualities to be empowered. When I spoke with my coach, we talked about my values and she demonstrated how I could speak about myself in a powerful way.

Empowerment is a difficult journey. But knowing there are resources and platforms of support that young women can utilise, makes it easier.

Work It Out is a free coaching service for young women to help them build their skills, identify their talents and develop strong mental health. Sign up for Work It Out today!