One thing I have learned from coaching 

By Olivia , Charlotte, Alexandra , Roshni • 16 August 2021

In this blog Olivia, Charlotte, Alexandra and Roshni each share one important thing that they have learned from their coaching experience with Work It Out.  


After eight months of unemployment during the pandemic my self-esteem was ruined. Now, I can look back and reflect my experience positively. This would not have been possible without the consistent support of my coach.  

I suffered greatly with self-doubt, and I was convinced that my failure to secure a job was a reflection of myself as a person. My coach reassured me that this was not the case and that it was to be expected during such an unprecedented time. At the time I found it hard to accept her words and guidance. Now as I reflect, I am so grateful I had that one positive voice reassuring me. Those words still ring true now when I feel anxious and I remember that I am capable, I am strong and I am worthy of respect. 


Thanks to Work It Out coaching, I learned how to maintain my self-belief among challenging and changing factors. I got better at coping with the rejection that comes with applications and interviews. I came to see that my skills and value were not dictated by whether I was offered a job or not, but that they were there all along.  

I realised I could only control my own approach and not the job market or what a potential employer decided. This gave me a fresh perspective and reduced the stress and pressure I’d previously been feeling about the job hunt. As a result, I completed applications and entered interviews in a calmer and more confident way. I came away from coaching with a far clearer idea of my strengths. Of how to talk about them and build upon them, but most importantly how to keep believing in them. 


Before coaching I was just existing and saw no future. My coach Janine listened to me and my experiences. I never felt judged. Janine constantly reassured me I would find a new job, even in the most challenging circumstances. I learned how to remain resilient and keep anxiety at bay.  

I now see a better future. Coaching made me feel like I deserve great opportunities, showed me I can make a difference and use my experience to do the right thing and have a positive impact on others and my future.  


Opportunities come in the most unexpected way.  

After graduating university, I was lost and confused about the career path I wanted to take. For several months I did some research into careers that interested me, but nothing stuck. I attempted to network more and thought that could help me gain clarity. Then the pandemic happened.  

I read about the coaching service through an Instagram post. When I learned more about the service and discovered that it was free, I applied for it. 

Talking to my coach helped me gain clarity of what I wanted to do, and it gave me a lot of confidence. Because of this positive experience, I got involved with the Young Women’s Trust as a Work It Out Ambassador and a Peer Researcher. I guess you could say the service was an unexpected opportunity.  

Our coaches can help with anything from interview preparation to identifying your skills and planning your next steps in life. 

If you are a young woman aged 18 to 30 Living in England or Wales, then you can access this service for free.  

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