My options grew because people believed in my potential

By Jade, Young Women's Trust • 18 February 2022

Jade Ortega is a very special team member here at Young Women’s Trust. She started her journey with us by signing up for Work It Out coaching and has spent the last 3 years working as our Services Administrator, helping other young women who are starting their coaching journey.  

This week marks her last working with us at Young Women’s Trust. As a team member with such a unique journey through our services and into the organisation, we asked her to share a little about her experience with us.  

How did you first become involved with Young Women’s Trust?

Back in 2018, I used the Work It Out service, as I felt I needed some help. I will never forget how quickly I was in touch with a coach after signing up and it really was everything I needed.

My beautiful coach, Denise, really helped change my perspective and in essence reminded me of my worth with the brilliant questions she asked me.  I remember in one of my coaching conversations with Denise she said to me “If you go in the direction of love, it will not ever lead you astray”. Since then that has been the mantra I live by.

Using the Work, It Out service changed my life because it made me ask questions, I had never asked myself before. This opened the door to not just new answers, but new possibilities too.

Tell us about your time at Young Women’s Trust

I remember receiving an email from Lydia, the Head of Participation, about a trainee job that would be starting in January 2019. At the time, I had just left my job and was looking for something more meaningful. Getting this email felt like Young Women’s Trust had arrived again to give me another lifeline.

I remember responding and was delighted when I was offered an interview. I was beyond grateful and excited to have been offered the trainee role. My 3 month traineeship was the best experience, because I grew immensely in that short space of time. I felt nurtured and cared for by the organisation and my fabulous manager (at the time) Lydia Morgan. But this was also, because I was dedicated to learning and improving as quickly as I could.

After the brilliant experience in the trainee role, I later interviewed for a full time Services Administrator role. The day I was offered the job it felt like a dream come true and it will forever be a very special day in my heart.

What was your experience of being a young woman and working at Young Women’s Trust?

Having been at the front end of the service and receiving all the support I needed, it was a privilege to be at the backend of Work It Out part of making the service happen. I got to see first hand how young women’s voices are at the forefront of Young Women’s Trust.

Although I was now equipped with the skills that I had developed through the years, there were still times I doubted myself. Perhaps it was my age or not fully realising my potential, but I had the best team and another supportive manager, Emma Feasey. I definitely feel that my voice was heard and, due to my lived experienced, I was able to make some really meaningful contributions throughout my time here. This made me feel like a real asset to the team as I had seen the service from both sides.

I feel honoured that I had the opportunity to work at Young Women’s Trust for the past 3 years. My options and possibilities have expanded, and this partly stems from having people at the organisation who believed in me and my potential. I am no longer the same young woman who entered the charity in 2018 and I am really proud of who I have become. Now, I am celebrating my growth and welcoming my new chapter with grace by embarking on a completely new path, working as a PA to an independent empowering dance company.

Is there any advice you would like to offer young women?

As young women, we tend to doubt ourselves as the world already tried to dim our light, we do not have to let this happen. Instead, we need to shine even brighter!

When you nurture a community, they hold your hand while you find your inner strengths and that helps to light the way forward. Thank you Young Women’s Trust for holding my hand for all these years, whilst I found my inner strength.

I think we must focus on building ourselves and our communities up. Because, when we have a community that we feel we belong to, the world feels a whole lot lighter and brighter than when we face it alone.

Like Jade, do you want to build your confidence and find your own way to shine even brighter?  

If you are a young woman aged 18 to 30, living in England or Wales, then you can start your Work It Out journey today.

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